6 Must Own Total Gym Accessories To Build Core Strength

Thinking about adding gym accessories to your home? In that case, you must consider three things: space, area, and equipment. 

Because we don’t have much space in our houses compared to a gym and personal studio, it is wise to be selective. Not only will it save you essential space, but it will also prevent you from decking up and suffocating the environment of the house. 

To help you narrow down what equipment you need, consider these 6 pieces perfect for a home exercise routine. It lists basic and total gym accessories that can provide a great workout. 


The pushup upper body board is one of the essentials everyone should own. It is crucial because pushups are an important exercise to transform upper body strength. But most people do it incorrectly. 

Our pushup upper body board will help you acquire your desired body shape. It can help you train the group muscles of the chest, shoulder, & triceps. You can do multiple exercises when you do pushups with the help of a pushup upper body board. With it, just 30 mins of a daily strict exercise routine are enough. 


Twirling sports hoops is not only a fitness activity but a fun activity. Sports are an incredible way to tone down your hips, reduce calories, and strengthen muscle. 

It is easy to do but the most effective exercise. Having a sports hula hoop will not cost you any space, and you can do the training in comfortable clothes anytime you like. 

Our sports hoops are different from regular hoops because they are adjustable according to your body. Plus, you can add weight to them to improve the benefits of the exercise. Our hoops are made from ABS material to provide flexibility during the training and achieve the desired result. 


Never underestimate the power of a boxing reflex speed punch ball. The reflex punch ball can provide you with numerous benefits. The list of its benefits covers improving your overall boxing skills, time management, hand and eye coordination, focus, agility, footwork, and concentration. 

And it is one of the most affordable gym pieces in your home. Made from PU material, our boxing reflex speed punch ball is the best to start your solo boxing training with. The best part of owning this is that you can take it anywhere. 


Resistance bands come with different features, and because they are easy to use and maintain, they make the perfect gym accessory to have at home. Loop resistance bands are stretchy materials that you can use to add extra resistance to any exercise. 

The resistance bands come in various difficulty levels, and you can choose accordingly, so don’t hesitate to pick the best class for you. You can also combine them with the handles, barns, and bands to create your customized workout. Our resistance bands come in five difficulty levels to choose from and can provide health benefits without needing heavy, expensive equipment.


Just like jumping and skipping, full body ropes are a classic way to burn calories and build muscle strength. Also, body ropes make a useful tool to tone the existing muscles and correct imbalance and endurance. Full body ropes are used to test the professional athletes to help them maintain a constant pace while performing. By taking less space and allowing you to build, full body ropes are the perfect gym accessories to have at home. 

Our full-body rope can help you achieve specific endurance and will become your favorite exercise tool. You can store the rope on a shelf or in a box to save space for other equipment. 


Body roller trainer is best when it comes to building mobility in your muscles, tissues, joints, and fascia. Although various shapes and sizes are available in the roller trainer, our roller trainers are one of the best tools to have at home. Our roller trainer can provide you with different functions. 

You can use our full-body roller trainers as pull rope, waist twister, abdominal wheel, and dumble. 

The body trainer rollers can help you increase the range of motions and flexibility in your performance. And also, by working on your joints, body roller trainers can reduce the risk of any injury, making them essential for home workouts. 


Whether you are looking for weight loss or gain muscle strength, thousands of products are available to run your home into your mini gym. When figuring out what to shop for, consider your budget, space, and fitness requirements. You also want to ensure the quality and versatility of the products. 

The list above can help you kickstart shopping. However, to create a supper-functioning workout space, you will need more gym and massage tools at home You can check Fitstrength’s store for tools mentioned in the list and other essentials.