7 Benefits of Adding Full Body Rope to Your Workout Routine

An unconventional tool, the battle rope or full body rope has been popular in mainstream fitness for the past few years. It is great for athletes as these ropes deliver a quick burst of high-intensity interval training. Plus, athletes with lower body injuries can utilize other cardiovascular exercises with a full body rope. In addition, it does not accumulate too much space and is easy to store. Below are the 7 benefits of these full-body ropes that can make you appreciate this tool if you haven't tried it before. 


Maybe you are on a 9 to 5 job or don't have the time to invest in a gym membership. Then, this tool is best for you as you can reap the benefits from this fitness gear on the go. This tool will be as effective as free weights in building muscle mass or even getting lean. 

Its portable size makes it easy for you to take these battle ropes anywhere you want, whether it be a beach, park, garden, or backyard, anywhere, you like. Moreover, if you ever want to work on your body posture or composition or strengthen your muscles, the right exercise will double the benefits. 

Full Body Workout

Yet another one of the benefits of the battle ropes is they can provide you with a full body workout. Full-body workouts are highly effective in building muscle strength and improving cardiovascular health. But sometimes, gaining a full-body workout schedule through the gym is impossible as we all have job obligations. So, rather than going to the gym, you can try this home with the help of this total gym tricep rope. Some people confuse it as an arm and shoulder workout tool, but that is not true. It can target your entire body if you try different variations and movements. 

Burn Stubborn Fat

No more need to chain yourself to the treadmill for hours. All you need is 30 minutes of full body rope workout under the guidance of your gym trainer. The body rope provides the same benefits as the treadmill or any other full-body cardio workout. Exercising with it, you can burn up to 1,300 calories per hour of vigorous activities with about 0.1 calories per pushed wave on the rope. Body rope is one of the most efficient tools for torching calories compared to other exercise equipment.

Provide Variations

Different battle rope benefits can be felt from the alternating waves exercise. There are many options for squats, jumps, lateral exercises, and lunges, and you have variations in ways of gripping the rope. You can intensify any workout by shifting some movements here and there.  

Some movements are only exclusive to the battle ropes, like the waves and slams. You can't try these exercises with any other equipment. However, don't make waves and slam lightly. They are as challenging as they come. Paring the bottle rope with another rope will keep you on your toes and sculpt your dream body.  

Enhanced Coordination 

Have you ever wished for top-notch coordination? Then, it is best to build for this with a battle rope, especially as you advance to more skilled moves, such as quickly swinging the rope twice within each jump. Improves your coordination by requiring several body parts to communicate to complete one movement with the rope. Trying to jump and wave after is a great way to focus on developing coordination while strengthening your hamstring and triceps. 

Less Injury Risk 

With improved coordination and muscle strength, you'll be less likely to hurt yourself during exercise or everyday activities. Less injury risk is also the reason behind why battle ropes or body ropes have become one of the majorly used accessories for gym workout. If you combine upper body movement with lower body movements, your body will adapt agility and awareness tremendously, making it less injury prone.

It's fun

All gym enthusiasts will relate to the fact that consistency is everything when it comes to exercise. Sticking to long workout routines becomes a normal part of the day to day life, but it is only possible if you enjoy it. Everyone can have a different outlook on what is fun, but body rope becomes fun slowly when you start seeing the results. 

It also allows you to do your fitness exercises on the go and break yourself free from the gym. No more rushing in the traffic or staring at the walls.


Wrapping Up!

These were the 7 benefits that can give a good grasp of the most well-known body rope benefits. It saves you from spending hours in the gym. Nothing less, whether you perform a high-impact or low-impact exercise, you will retrieve the rewards in a short time. Now, if you are fully charged with positive vibes and thinking about where you can buy this compact home equipment, FitStrength is here. You can shop for battle rope and other amazing home equipment at affordable prices. We ensure fitness quality so that you can never have to miss your workout.