From Beginner to Pro: How Body Boards Improve All Levels of Fitness

The body boards are versatile fitness tools that you can use to target a specific group of muscles and to improve your overall fitness levels. The body boards or push-up body boards offer a more challenging workout by incorporating a stable surface to the conventional push-up exercises.

In the last few years, the push-up body board has gained huge popularity among fitness enthusiasts. It is now considered one of the most important accessories for gym workouts. This is because of its ability to provide different intensity and resistance levels for strength training exercises. 

This body board is color-coded with different color zones; the colors are: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Each of these colors corresponds to a different level of training difficulty, making it easy for people to adjust their workouts. 

Let's Have A Closer Look At All These Different Color Zones Of Body Boards:

  1. Red zone: The red zone is the easiest and provides the least resistance. It is ideal for beginners who are just starting their fitness journey. However, it is also good for the one recovering from an injury with limited mobility. 

In short, individuals who want to build gradual strength can go with red zone exercises. Exercises that you can practice with the red zone are modified push-ups and knee push-ups. These exercises will help to build strength in the chest, arms, and legs. This also contributes to improving the stability and balance of an individual.

  1. Blue zone: The blue zone is just the next level to the red one and provides moderate resistance. It is designed for those with some experience with strength exercises and can perform intermediate-level exercises. 

In case you'd like to increase the difficulty of your workout, this is the perfect solution. Regular push-ups can be done in the blue zone. It will target your chest, arm, legs, arms, and core muscles and provide unparalleled strength to them.

  1. Green zone: Green zone is for all the experienced individuals of strength training as it is the most difficult level and offers the most resistance. It is made for advanced-level exercises and for the ones who have incredible experience in strength training. 

It provides them with a challenging workout and helps them reach the pro fitness level. The push-ups with added weights can be done with this zone, giving strength and endurance to your back, chest, legs, and core.

  1. Yellow zone: Yellow zone is just a combination of green and blue zones. It is designed for people who fall between intermediate and advanced levels. The ones who want to challenge themselves but need more time to be ready for the green zone exercises. 

Regular push-ups with added weight are what you can do with the yellow zone. This way, you can get cardiovascular fitness and build strength that'll help you to reach pro fitness level sooner.
The Role Of Body Board To Let You Improve Your Fitness Level:

Whether you are a beginner looking for ways to increase your strength or an experienced fitness enthusiast, body board has something for everyone:


A push-up body board can help beginners to build their upper body strength and improve their push-up form. It provides a stable surface for hands, avoiding injury and maintaining proper form easier. The board can be adjusted to different angles, allowing beginners to begin with easier variations and progress by challenging themselves more.


For an intermediate fitness level, a push-up body board can help add numerous workouts and target different muscle groups. They can target their chest, shoulders, and triceps by adjusting the board to different angles.


For experienced athletes, it can do wonders by taking their performance to just another level. Using the best body board, they can move towards advanced push-up variations such as handstand push-ups, challenge their strength, and improve their stability.

Advantages Of Using Body Boards:
As mentioned, it is a popular tool to help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals. The following are the major benefits of using it:

  • The Push-up body boards can help you alleviate wrist pain by reducing the angle at which your wrist has to bend during an exercise.

  • These body boards elevate your hands off the ground and allow you to lower your chest further, which will eventually engage more muscle fibers and build greater strength.

  • The body boards help you to activate more muscle fibers in your chest, triceps, and shoulders as they force you to engage your core and stabilize muscles to maintain balance.

  • Push-up body boards better align your elbows, wrists, and shoulders during the exercise, which helps you maintain proper posture.


 A bodyboard might look like a simple board, but it has several benefits and makes it possible for you to do push-ups more conveniently. It is one of the ideal accessories for gym workouts to maximize the benefits of push-ups while minimizing the risks of getting wrist sprains. By incorporating the best body boards in your fitness routine, you can get the most out of your workout, increasing your stability, strength, and endurance.
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  1. Are push-up boards helpful in building muscles?

The push-up board ensures that your wrist muscles don't stretch too much, allows you to strengthen more muscles by offering many different exercises, and elevates the body angle to broaden the range of motion. You will witness versatility and muscular growth enhancement with a better range of motion.

  1. How do I use a push-up bodyboard?

To use the push-up body board:

  • Put it on the floor and position yourself on top, gripping the handles on either side.
  • Lower yourself down into a push-up body board.
  •  Hold your core tight and keep your body in a straight line. After that, push yourself back up to the starting position.
  1. Can body boards be suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, it's right that body boards are suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes. They are ideal to use if you want to modify your push-ups, making them more challenging. One can adjust it according to their preference, depending on their fitness level.