Resistance Band Exercises: How to Effectively Hit Every Muscle Group

Muscular strength gives a person the ability to move and lift objects. It determines how much force you can put into a task. You use your muscle strength consciously or unconsciously in everything you do, from picking a glass of water to lifting weights in the gym. 

Many exercises can help you build muscular strength, like weightlifting, body weight exercises, running, curbing, and climbing hills, But pull up resistance band exercises are one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goal if you seek convenience and easy exercises. Easy doesn’t mean that these exercises will not be intense, but rather it means even beginners can start and build a workout routine effectively.

With Resistance Band Exercises - Let's Effectively Hit All Of Your Muscle Group 

Workout resistance bands can give you the best exercise experience due to their versatility. These are one of the most adaptable tools you can try to exercise. At FitstrengthCo, We provide 5 different strengths and 5 different colors in mini resistance bands. 

The lighter colors have lesser strength. If you are a beginner, start exercising with the lighter color adjustable stretch bands as they can train your muscles to develop endurance towards high-intensity workouts. On the other hand, the darker color bands are more suitable for high-endurance activities. To sum up, your choice of resistance band depends on which level of fitness you are. 

Different Resistance Band Exercises To Target Your Muscles 

Now, as we are done with the basics about resistance bands, let's move to some simple exercises that can help you target your triceps, legs, and glutes. However, before you begin, remember to pick the right strength in the stretch band. 

  • Tricep Muscles

The triceps are small muscles that need to be targeted deliberately. They are difficult to work with. So, to focus on your tricep muscles effectively, you can go for the resistance band tricep workout

Start the workout by attaching one end of the resistance band to the cable or a rod to exercise. Then slowly pull the stretch band using the handle towards yourself. While exercising, try to keep your shoulder blades straight and your arm aligned. 

  • Biceps 

To target your biceps, you need movements involving your bicep muscles as much as possible. This exercise will help you with it. First, sit on a chair, step, or your heels. Hold the resistance band in your right hand and tuck it behind your right knee. Face the band's resistance, and raise your hand toward your right shoulder. While pulling the band, maintain your upper arm still and your elbow close to your body. Gradually return to the starting position and repeat the same exercise with your other side. 

  • Glute

Squat exercise has always been the best in targeting the glutes. Trying this exercise with pull up resistance band gives you, even more, stretch and resistance. 

To begin with, make sure your knees are over your ankles, and your hips are over your knees while standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Relax your shoulders in a neutral position. Wrap your thighs in the stretch bands and squat deeply by bringing the hips back. Keep your shoulders and chest up. Go as far as you feel comfortable. Hold for a short while, then restart. If you want to put more stretch on your glutes, you can use resistance band handles.


  • Target Your Lats And Upper Muscles 

Begin with the exercise by standing up against the wall. Grab the workout resistance band from both ends with the help of your fists. Then slowly start to stretch your arms straight up over your head. Slowly bring your arms down and bend at a 90-degree angle while stretching the band and bringing your shoulder blades align. Slowly return to your initial potion.


  • Abs 

The next-up targets are abs. No workout is complete without targeting your mussels. And to do this, a controlled rollup is the best exercise. The exercise gives you a reverse curl on your way down, focusing on your back and abs. 

Start the exercise by keeping hold of the stretch band with both hands and sitting on the floor. Use resistance band handles to get a good grip. Scoop your abdominals inward into your spine as you progressively roll your spine down to a supine position.

With control, nod your head and roll up to a sitting position. Maintain arm straightness to prevent the resistance from shifting to the biceps.

  • Hamstrings

Nothing can beat the planks to focus on your hamstrings. To initiate this exercise, keep your hands and feet planted firmly on the ground, supporting your body in the high plank posture. Keep your body staring and your head beneath your shoulders. Lift your left heel against the resistance of the band. Don't round your back; keep your body in a straight line. Slowly go back to the starting place. Complete all of the repeats on one side before switching to the other.

Wrapping Up!

These are just some exercises you can try to target your different muscles with pull-up resistance bands. It's a good idea to start working out with these exercises if you are a beginner. Then, you can slowly move to other activities when you see the improvement. 

No matter which exercises you try first, always remember to choose the right strength for the resistance band. Putting too much force on your muscles that they can endure can give you a possible injury. 

Lastly, we want to say thanks for reading this. We are FitstrengthCo, one of the best online stores to find everyday health and fitness total gym accessories. Visit our website to know more.