Why Are Elbow Braces So Popular Among Pro Tennis Players?

Tennis is one of the most fun games in the world, and it also features some of the most popular and powerful players, like Serena Williams. However, it is no different than any other physical activity; thus, it has some associated risks that can result from the repetition of the same activity. 

One of the most typical issues that have been seen in Tennis players is tension in the elbow. An elbow brace is a great way to prevent these injuries, but that's not it. It provides players with several other benefits making it a prominent wearable in the game. 

The Benefits of Wearing An Elbow Brace  

There are several benefits of wearing an elbow brace, but mainly tennis players prefer an elbow brace due to these five reasons.  

Injury Prevention 

One of the most significant reasons to wear an elbow brace is injury prevention. Tennis games involve the repetition of several actions over and over again, which can lead to issues like tennis elbow. A brace can provide support for this movement, reducing the chances of injury. 

Enhance Performance

A brace is designed to give compression effects so that it supports joints and keeps them aligned in place. It aids your arm in stretching and only folds at the right movement, which helps your brain to develop muscle memory for the correct moves, thus boosting your performance. 

Reduce Swelling & Inflammation 

Another common issue that tennis players face is swelling & inflammation. Although it's not an injury, it affects the player's performance and physical well-being. An elbow brace provides warmth that soothes inflamed areas and gives instant comfort.  

Fasten The Recovery 

In addition to reducing swelling and inflammation, elbow braces can replace the discomfort from an existing injury. It gives the essential support to keep the arm moving while keeping the muscles in place, aiding in recovering from a pre-existing injury. 

Wide Variety And Comfortable Material 

Last but not least, the popular reason why the tennis player prefers an elbow brace is its wide variety and skin-suitable materials. It usually comes in a breathable material that does not irritate the skin. Also, it comes in several different types, so players can choose the brace they need.

 In the following section, we will learn more about the type and material of these braces. Keep on reading…

The Different Types Of An Elbow Brace 

There are three types of elbow brace, each specific type serving one purpose. Let's explore all three:-

Sleeve Brace 

It is lightweight and comes with an easy slip-on application. A player can easily wear it under any clothing without any issue, making it best to treat issues like inflammation, tennis elbow, and boost recovery from a pre-existing elbow injury. 

Strap Brace

Same as the sleeve brace, it is also lightweight and easily adjustable. However, it takes great effort to put it on. It provides extra support to protect joints and muscles, so players can wear it during the exercise to prevent elbow injuries. 

Dual Support Brace

It provides stronger support than a strap brace. It has two straps that connect on both sides of the elbow to ensure that tendons can rest and go through the self-repair mode without being obstructed by arm movements. However, one problem with the brace is that it limits the player's motion and is not suitable to wear during exercises. 

Variety Material Used In Elbow Brace

Along with the type, elbow braces come in 4 types of materials.  


It is a common material used in braces to prevent slippage amidst intense movements. The braces that contain silver lining grip the skin without creating discomfort. 


Yet, another common material, neoprene, is preferred because of its breathability. It is also a moisture-wicking fabric that resists stretching, making it a long-lasting material. 

Nylon Mesh

Some elbow braces come with nylon mesh helping to control the body temperature. The material provides sufficient flexibility and breathability, making it a perfect option for practice. 

Nylon and Spandex

Nylon and spandex make up for a great blend for an elbow brace for tennis elbow. It is a lightweight combination that ensures the wearer remains comfortable and the skin receives enough air during the sizzling days on the tennis court. 


How to wear an elbow brace? 

Wearing an elbow brace is easy. To wear the sleeve brace, you need to slip it on your arm and adjust it on your elbow, while for the dual strap, you need to adjust the straps to wear the brace. 

How well can an elbow brace treat the tennis elbow issue?

An elbow brace is not a treatment. It is a wearable that can help relieve discomfort, irritation, and pain. It also supports your muscle movements to operate your elbow while going through deep pain. 

How much does an elbow brace cost? 

At FitstrengthCo, you can buy the elbow brace for just $21.99 and go to the tennis court without having to worry about injury or any muscle damage. 

Wrapping Up! 

An elbow brace's benefits, different types, and materials make it a great choice for tennis players to prevent muscle damage and any other injury. With it, they can fully concentrate on their practice and boost their performance. That's it. This is all about this guide. We hope you have liked it!