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Most people never manage to achieve the results they desire because they are not hitting their muscles properly due to a lack of understanding on how to correctly execute the exercises.

Now there has never been such a better, affordable solution like the one we got here.

Engage All Upper Body Muscles & Get Faster Results

Wouldn't it be great if doing push-ups actually got you those sculpted biceps, triceps, and chest you've always seen in films? Well, it's never been easier with the Push Up Board!

The Push Up Board system employs multiple angles and positions to specifically target and sculpt those arm and chest muscles, giving you the maximum upper-body definition.

Why You Need It?

  • Color-Coded Workout: The push-up board has different color-coded combination which targets a unique band of muscles for enhancement.
  • Push Up Journey: Using any of these push-up boards takes you on a journey across diverse routines you never thought possible. 
  • Non-Slip Grip: You stay secured to the handle every time you push up using this fitness equipment.
  • 30 minutes: All you need is 30 minutes from home every day to work out with this fitness equipment.

Total Pushup Board – Intejaam India


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